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How to know if you need a new mattress?

There are a few indicators to look out for, that let you know that unfortunately, it is probably time to look for a new mattress.

Main Indicators

  • When you start feeling uncomfortable in bed while sleeping on it.
  • If you wake up with back/ neck pains, stiffness or aches and the frequency is increasing
  • If you start to see ay visual wear and tear that could affect the quality of your rest. Common signs of wear and tear include lumps, bumps, tears, holes or sagging.

Other Indicators

  • Worsening of allergy symptoms due to the mattress attracting and trapping allergens and bacteria that can affect your health. Especially asthma.
  • If you find yourself getting better sleep in other locations and in other beds, such as at a hotel, that may be an indication that your own mattresses time is up.
  • Tossing and turning at night. Especially if your movement is effecting your partner. This may mean that your mattress is failing to dampen and reduce the vibrations from the movement that it was originally engineered to do.

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