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The Best Cheap Mattress Uk (Updated 2021)

Mattresses can be expensive. It is possible to spend thousands of pounds on a mattress if you so wish. 

But most of us just don’t have that money to spend on a single item. 

Not to worry!

In the modern-day mattress world, technology has improved so much in recent years that you can get a really high-quality mattress for a less cost than you used to. 

I will provide links to each best cheap mattress that I review here so that you can buy one for yourself.

Our Top Choices

Top Cheap Mattresses to Buy in the UK

The Best Overall Cheap Mattress – Silentnight Essentials Mirapocket 1000 Mattress

Key features of the Silentnight Essentials Mirapocket 1000 Mattress

  • Uses 1000 pocket spring support
  • A Stable mattress due to Mirapocket technology
  • The Polyester walls make the springs a lot more durable  and stable than your average mattress
  • Eco Comfort fibres provide excellent cooling 
  • Soft to the touch microfibre cover
  • A nicely balanced Medium Firmness
  • Cover infused with Protex, to help fight against dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 24cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

This very affordable mattress from Silentnight is a complete package. It has 1000 supportive individual pocket springs (More on those, here) that will help you get a great night’s sleep. 

The pocket springs on the Silentnight Essentials Mirapocket 1000 Mattress actually use some pretty advanced technology called Mirapocket. Its secret is every spring is held in its own fabric pocket and separate from others. This makes each sleeper only affect their area of the bed. No more sleepless nights due to a restless partner. 

This system provides ‘perfect support’ and ‘pressure point relief’ for each area of your body. 

This mattress nails the delicate balance between comfort and support. It has a middle of the road medium firmness that is suited to many sleep styles. Finally, when you throw in the soft, knitted micro cover you have a very good package indeed. This material is hypoallergenic too. 

2. The Best Cheap Mattress For Under £300 – Signature Silver 1400 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress

Key features of the Signature Silver 1400 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress

  • 25cm in depth
  • High-grade cotton material
  • Made right here in the UK
  • Fillings are all-natural
  • Orthopedic standard mattress
  • Pocket spring technology
  • Uses wool tufts for softness and secureness
  • The mattress can be flipped and you can sleep on both sides of the mattress equally comfortable
  • Medium firmness

The Signature Silver 1400 is a great mattress for this price point. It is an exceptional mattress with a high pocket spring count.

The fillings are all-natural and include luxury materials such as Lambswool, Silk and organic cotton to name a few. 

This mattress is manufactured here in the UK so you know that the quality will be high. It has been hand-tufted with natural wool too for extended durability. 

Perfect for the back and spine, This mattress uses a Belgian Damask fabric to give that luxury feel. 

To round off the package, you get hand stitched side borders, turning handles and special air vents for circulation.

3. The Best Cheap Mattress Under 500 –  The Signature Crystal 3000 mattress

Key features of the Signature Crystal 3000 mattress

  • Filled to the brim with natural materials such as wool, mohair and cashmere
  • Hand-tufted wool-rich top gives that added element of comfort
  • It’s medium/firm rating make it great for Orthopedic situations
  • Hand-stitched handles make it easy to flip and rotate
  • The cotton fabric used is moisture absorbent to help with temperature control and keeping you cool on warm nights
  • Breathability enhancing events
  • Thick size in comparison to many others at 28cm
  • Only needs flipping every six weeks
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Hand made and manufactured in the UK

Despite its fair price, this Signature Crystal Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress has pocket springs that are orthopedic and incredibly luxurious. 

The 3000 in its name refers to the spring count, so it has over double the number of springs than 1400. If you have a little more cash, then this upgrade would be worth it. 

Their signature design utilises luxury fillings such as silk, wool and cashmere making it both comfortable and durable. Between the two layers of material sits many high tech pocket springs that remove any disturbances from restless movement through the night.  

4.The Best Affordable Mattress for  Back Pain – Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress

Key features of the Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress

  • Sealy’s PostureTech Core Support spring system is weight responsive
  • Authorised by the Orthopedic Advisory Board
  • Hand-tufted
  • Firm mattress
  • Easy care for minimal turning 
  • 27cm in depth
  • Made in the UK
  • 5-year warranty

The Aspen Mattress is part of Sealy’s classic Posturepedic range. They are mattresses and beds that are recognized by the Orthopedic Advisory Board.

If a firm and comfy mattress is your thing, then this one is a top choice that won’t make you break out the piggy bank. 

On the inside, the technology continues to be great with Sealy’s PostureTech Support spring system. This advanced tech is weight responsive and gives you total body support. 

This mattress is also easy to care so you never have to flip it and is great for people who struggle with a heavy task.

5. The Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattress – Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress

Key features of the Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress

  • 3cm layer of memory foam for great comfort
  • 3 different support zone where you need it most
  • The cover is soft knitted and anti-allergenic
  • Approved by Allergy UK
  • Firmer feel with good all-over support
  • Rolled up for easy placement
  • Requires no turning
  • 18cm in depth
  • Made in the UK
  • 3-year guarantee

If you thought it wasn’t possible to get a memory foam mattress at budget prices, then think again. Honestly, the Silent Night memory 3 Zone Mattress is as good as you will have hoped. 

The 3 zone support technology gives your middle zone support along your back and your lower spine and soft support around your head and feet. This gives it a very balanced feel. 

Only 17cm thick, this mattress is not recommended for anyone who is above average weight. It is best for one sleeper or someone with a slight frame. 

The memory foam contours to your frame as you sleep giving high-level body support. It’s also infused with Purotex to keep those bed bugs and allergens away. 

It is single-sided so you will never have to turn it over, saving you a lot of effort. All you have to do is rotate it a few times a year and you are good to go. Its condition will be maintained.

 The Memory 3 Zone will even get to your house all rolled up so that you can move it into position super easily. 

Silentnight is a brand that can be trusted and has over 70 years of experience making beds and mattresses for the UK market.

As I mentioned earlier, you can get great value in the budget end of the mattress market these days. All it takes is a keen eye and a little patience to find the best deals and offers. Well…we have done that bit for you. 

There are other good deals out there, but we feel that these 5 cheap mattresses are the eBay in class that we have found. 

Don’t waste any more money on overpriced mattresses. You can get all the value you need with these 5 options!

Need more mattress information before you make a purchase? Check out our other mattress reviews here.

Are there any cheap mattress options that we missed? Feel free to mention them below and we might add them to the list. 

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