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” We started The Rest Investor site to help the people of Britain understand sleep better. We truly believe that people simply are not getting enough rest. For something so important to our health, we know so little about it.”

About Matt

Husband to a beautiful wife and father to an unhinged Chiwawa, Matt spends most of his days writing with a focused fervour normally reserved for a dog and his dinner. A specialist in tech and design, creativity is in his blood. When he takes a well-earned break, he enjoys nothing more than sampling his wife’s culinary experiments or rearranging furniture in the house.

About Laila

Laila is a woman who speaks three languages. She cares deeply about making people feel better and helping them whenever she can. Currently studying to be a teacher, she is passionate and committed to everything she get’s involved in. Now, she has made it her mission to help the people of the UK get better rest.

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